NB - The deadline for Scholarship applications has now closed.

Each year, scholarships in a variety of disciplines are offered in the Senior School. Scholarship Week takes place during the Michaelmas term and will take place this year from Monday 19th November to Friday 23rd November for awards to begin in September 2019.

The following awards may be made:

  • Academic Scholarship
  • Art Scholarship
  • Dance Scholarship
  • Equestrian Scholarship
  • Language (French or Spanish) Scholarship
  • Music Scholarship
  • Performing Arts (either Musical Theatre or Drama) Scholarship
  • Sport Scholarship

Academic Scholarships carry a maximum remission on academic tuition fees of 10%. All other scholarships carry a remission of up to 5% on academic tuition fees. Some disciplines may also offer additional benefits such as a value towards the cost of materials or specialist lessons.

Students may be entered for scholarships in up to two disciplines. More than one scholarship may be held but the maximum remission on academic tuition fees is 10%.

The duration of scholarships is as follows:

  • Until the end of Year 11 for awards beginning in Years 7-11.
  • Until the end of Year 13 for awards for entry into the Sixth Form.