As a parent, choosing a boarding school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. You want her/him to feel safe and supported in an environment that will offer love, care and guidance in your stead.

As a pupil thinking about boarding, you want to feel you can relax with friends, be comfortable in your surroundings and busy with activities you enjoy at weekends, knowing there are adults you can turn to when you need that little extra help, support and encouragement.

At Abbots Bromley School we aim to provide a secure and homely experience where students can both live and study in a calm and happy atmosphere from the ages of 8-18. We encourage regular communication between home and school to ensure that everyone is aware of individual needs. We are very much a ‘family’ school and work on lines of mutual respect.

Our stunning tree-lined 50 acre campus offers the perfect ‘green environment’ in which to enjoy life at Abbots Bromley School. Our daily programme is structured around dedicated work and relaxation time, allowing for diversity of activity in the evenings and at weekends.

During the evenings and at weekends the school's facilities are used to enable boarders to relax and enjoy all that is on offer. Off-site trips are regularly organised and boarders' fees include a boarders' activity at the weekend which may involve a visit to a historic house, a museum, a shopping trip or a fun activity such as Laser Quest.

Sixth Form boarders enjoy a high standard of accommodation, which includes recently refurbished individual study bedrooms, wi-fi broadband, a laundry and kitchen. All Sixth Formers benefit from the attractively furnished common rooms, with kitchens, access to higher education materials and a study room equipped with computers and a printer.

We regard boarding in the Sixth form as a half way house to University life. Students are able to develop their independence, while remaining under the safe environment of their boarding house. It provides an atmosphere which encourages them to work to their full potential and at the same time gain help and support from their peer group and the staff. It is an excellent way of making life long friendships, learning to live in a group with others and realising that you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

Abbots Bromley is well positioned at the heart of England and is close to the vibrant university cities of Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester and Leeds. Each offers an excellent variety of cultural experiences, including sport, opera, ballet and theatre. Interactive museums, shopping malls and international restaurants are ready to serve the needs of every modern young person. Whether pupils wish to be an occasional, flexi, weekly or full boarder, they will always be made to feel at home.