From Year 7 to Year 11 each year group is split into two mixed-ability tutor groups, each with a dedicated form tutor.

At the end of each year the pupils move into a different tutor group but generally stay within the same group of students to provide continuity. All tutors give close pastoral support and guidance to each individual when required. There is close liaison with KS3 + KS4 Coordinators.

The Y7 tutors support pupils in their transition to Senior School and are a very important contact for parents as their child moves into KS3. Lots of pastoral support and help with organisation is offered where necessary.

Y8 tutors support the progress of the students and encourage them to be proud of their achievements eg Celebr8te in the Summer Term.

Y9 tutors focus on study skills, careers and GCSE option choices during this crucial year.

Y10 tutors help students to settle in to their GCSE subject choices and monitor progression.

Y11 tutors offer careers, life and study skills. All tutors closely monitor friendships and issues arising. They help to settle new pupils.

Tutors are aware of academic issues, problems with prep and can offer support to each individual.