There are now 4 Houses in the Senior School, St. Mary, St. Anne, St. Gregory and St. Chad.  Each pupil is allocated to one of these Houses upon entry. Allocation is independent from parental choice and existing friendships. Only former pupil or sibling connections have any bearing on which House a new pupil joins. The pervious 6 houses, each linked to prominent figures in AB’s history – Coleridge, Heywood Rice, Keble St Benet(KSB), Meynell Lowe, Selwyn and Talbot have been commemorated in different areas of the school.

The Houses, with their own dedicated Head of House, offer continuity in pastoral support from Y7 through to Y13. The Houses are naturally competitive and students compete regularly in sporting events such as House swimming, hockey and rounders. In addition there is the prestigious annual House Performing Arts competition in October which showcases House talent in Music, Art, Dance and Drama. The Warburton Cup in February also offers the opportunity for all students to perform musically to a very high standard. The Inter-house Academic Challenge is always enormous fun and is an extremely competitive event.

Every House aims to involve everyone and to enable each individual to shine in a friendly and supportive environment.