Duke of Edinburgh Awards

ABBOTS BROMLEY SCHOOL is very proud to announce that, during a recent personal audience with HRH Prince Philip at St. James’s Palace, the School was presented with a Certificate in honour of being the first ever Directly Licensed Centre. The Headmistress, School Bursar, D of E Manager and D of E Expedition Leader were highly honoured to have been invited to attend such a prestigious occasion.

 The D of E Award Scheme is hugely popular at Abbots Bromley and we fully understand the benefits that our pupils stand to gain from such a rewarding Scheme.

The essence of the Scheme is to provide our pupils with a challenge that incorporates enterprise, initiative and leadership skills – all of which are highly regarded by prospective employers.  If pupils would like to participate in practical, cultural and adventurous activities, having a concern for their development, then the Award Scheme is very much for them.

There are four Sections at each level of the Award Scheme –

However, probably the most talked about of all of these is the Expedition Section!   Abbots Bromley’s central location within the UK is ideally suited for enabling us to take pupils away to appropriate adventurous terrain, relevant to the Bronze, Silver or Gold Levels. Our Expedition Leaders have an excellent knowledge of the White and Dark Peak District in Staffordshire/Derbyshire, the Lake District and North Wales.

The D of E Mission Statement “To inspire, guide and support young people in their self-development and recognize their achievements” runs in parallel with our own Aims:

To encourage high expectations in all members of the School Community so as to develop individual potential in a challenging yet supportive Christian environment.

To offer dynamic teaching that will develop independence in thought and character

To offer a balanced academic and vocational curriculum alongside a wide-range of stimulating, creative and sporting activities, enabling students to nurture unique talents.

To deliver a spiritual and moral awareness within each member of our caring community

To produce fully ‘polished’ individuals who value themselves and are confident, happy and inspired to make a difference in the world.

D of E has an amazing track record at Abbots Bromley and helps to create a positive ethos and supportive relationships. It strengthens our School Community by encouraging pupils, teachers and parents to work closely together. Participation in the Award Scheme encourages young people (aged between 14-25) to increase their determination to succeed. Their enthusiasm and motivation for learning, and rising to new challenges, is rewarded with a great sense of achievement.