Reporting to Parents

The school uses an online service called Plus4schools to complete reports. We understand the importance of keeping parents informed about progress so we report on every student at the end of each half term. This takes the form of either a Progress Review or a Full Report. In addition, years 11 and 13 receive leavers’ reports, which we call Testimonials.

Progress Reviews contain grades (for years 9 and above) or levels (for years 7 and 8) for all academic subjects taken by your son/daughter. Shortly after entering Abbots Bromley School, all students are baseline tested using CEM:

• PIPS – Key Stages 1 and 2

• MIDYIS – Key Stage 3

• YELLIS – Key Stage 4

• ALIS – Key Stage 5

The information from this is used as a basis for assessing progress and setting targets in reports. The baseline data will give a prediction for your child for either the National Curriculum Level or the GCSE/A Level grade he/she would be expected to achieve by the end of their current Key Stage and this will be in the final column of every Progress Review. You will then be able to compare this with the teacher’s predicted grade/level (TPG) for the end of Key Stage (often higher than the baseline grade) and see what level/grade your son/daughter is currently working at (WAG). Additionally there will also be an Attitude to Learning grade (ATL) for every subject.

Full Reports contain the same grades but also have full written comments on all subjects, including a brief description of the material covered that half term and targets for improvement. Other aspects of your son’s/daughters’ education, including any extra-curricular activities, will also be commented on in a Full Report.

All reports are posted but in addition, parents have the option of accessing reports online, once they have been published. This is particularly useful for parents of overseas students because of the delay in postage. It also means that you are able to access previous reports and print extra copies if needed. Current parents who wish to use this service should enter Plus4schools into a search engine and follow the link to apply for a Login.