The Science Faculty incorporates the teaching of the Sciences. Each of these subjects is challenging and dynamic in its own right and also provides crucial transferable skills which can be applied across the curriculum and throughout adult life. As a faculty, we aim to ensure that an education in Science progresses beyond the classroom and into lifelong learning, and to encourage our students to become more involved with Science subjects we offer a Science Club as an enrichment activity. The Science Faculty possesses a diverse range of well qualified teachers, each with unique expertise and experience that they can bring to enrich the experience of students in Science subjects.

The Science Department aims to offer a curriculum which is suitable for all students, provides a solid foundation for a lifelong interest in the Sciences, and is challenging and stimulating for the most able students and those who wish to pursue a career in the Sciences. Accordingly, we offer a wide range of study opportunities. These begin with teaching Year 6 in our specialist laboratories, followed by a broad Key Stage 3 curriculum; this leads to a range of science options at GCSE including the Separate Sciences. Finally, we offer A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for those who wish to continue their scientific studies at a more advanced level.