The department seeks to provide a stimulating environment in which pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential in Mathematics irrespective of their level of ability. In all cases we aim to ensure motivation and interest, and prepare girls for adult life, employment, further study and training.   Through a carefully structured curriculum and a commitment to high standards of teaching and learning we aim to promote enjoyment of all aspects of the subject and recognition of its variety, scope and importance. We strongly believe that Mathematics plays an important role in the everyday life of society and that our students need to leave school competent and confident in the Mathematics they have learned.   The department uses a variety of activities to promote learning and enjoyment. Internet based learning is regularly used during lessons and for preparation, and gives our students the opportunity to learn independently. The website the department subscribes to, also gives parents the opportunities for a weekly update on their child’s progress via email.

Pupils are usually taught in ability based groups, but classes are regularly put together for group work, special activities and – very importantly – to celebrate success.   Interest in Maths beyond the classroom is cultivated by regular competitions which are popular with pupils and staff alike. The more able are entered into national competitions and there are opportunities to represent the school in team competitions.  Maths is an enjoyable and popular subject at the school and recruitment for A level courses in the 6th form is strong.