Learning Enrichment and Support

The Learning Enrichment Department at Abbots Bromley School aims to provide a multi-sensory environment that is tailor made for the individual student’s needs. It aims to move away from unnecessary labelling, hence the title of the department and recognises the student’s unique strengths and learning styles.

It encompasses support for students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and other Specific Learning difficulties. It also supports students with more Global Developmental Delay. The term Specific Learning Difficulties broadly describes students with language, literacy or numeracy difficulties which are offset by high ability or intelligence. The learning Enrichment recognises this ability and tries to develop the student’s full potential. It sets out to balance creative right brain thinking with left brain cumulative literacy programmes with the emphasis on multi sensory teaching (Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic) Learning Enrichment incorporates the visual medium and works on developing thinking skills with concept and mind mapping techniques.

We also develop numeracy and literacy skills using paper based resources and computer software. The approach is always flexible. It begins with an in depth study of the student’s individual needs and from that an individual learning plan is devised which is revised as the students’ needs change and develop. We also provide study skills support which incorporates strategies to plan, organise and structure written work. It also provides support to develop multi sensory revision and memory skills and how to cope with examinations.

We also believe in providing strategies for coping with life in the future, for example in Further and Higher Education.

Finally and by no means the least important, Learning Enrichment provides pastoral care for students’ emotional welfare. It provides the link between the student and their subject teacher and strives to make the classroom a good inclusive learning environment.

The Learning Enrichment Department also recognises that behavioural issues sometimes mask underlying educational difficulties and therefore the department offers advice and expertise into diagnosing specific learning difficulties.

The Department handles examination concessions such as the need for a scribe, reader or extra time.