Business Studies

…must be one of the most varied and diverse subjects available at both GCSE and Advanced Level and is one of the most popular subjects taught in the Sixth Form, with results at A-level consistently well above the national average. Students are taught in a variety of learning styles to encourage them to develop a critical understanding of organisations, the context in which they operate, the markets they serve and the process of adding value. This involves consideration of the internal workings and management of organisations and, in particular, the process of decision-making in a dynamic external environment.

The subject has a heightened real life perspective, which enables pupils to relate theory to their experience as consumers. Newspaper and television headlines offer continual reminders of how relevant and of how much interest the business world is to us all. In recent years much attention has been directed to such issues as the credit crunch, the troubles of the £ and petrol prices. Longer term issues continue to hit the headlines too… business and the environment, sweatshop labour, global warming and the impact of new technologies on business and working lives. All these issues are relevant to business and will be studied alongside the main functional areas of business – Marketing, Operations Management, Finance and Human Resources – at both GCSE and Advanced Level.

Business Studies also provides an excellent grounding for further study or entrance to the world of work. A large proportion of students of Business Studies at Abbots Bromley continue their studies of the subject at some of the top UK universities for Business Management and related degree courses.

At Key Stage 4 the department offers GCSE Business Studies. This is not just a theory-based subject, it is about real life as it helps students to learn about businesses and the way they operate in today’s society. Throughout the course students will learn how to analyse business problems and issues; how to evaluate evidence and communicate arguments clearly and effectively; how to make business decisions; how to work as part of a team and how to use ICT in a variety of business contexts and the impact that ICT has on business operations. The teaching approach at GCSE is one that encourages students to investigate businesses in the local area, as well as using their own personal experiences as a consumer. A variety of teaching aids are used to stimulate discussion and to bring business into the classroom.

GCSE Business Studies is a good, though not essential, preparation for anyone considering studying the subject at a higher level e.g. at advanced level in the Sixth Form, but it also provides students with a number of skills that will prove useful should they decide to pursue more vocational courses post 16.