There are four Houses in Abbots Bromley Preparatory School: Argyle, Benets, Stretton and Duttons. Each child is assigned to a House when they join and usually remain in the same House until the end of Year 6. Each House has a House Captain in Year 6 and they are responsible for the members of their House and also organise teams for House Competitions. We hold many sporting competitions as well as a House Performing Arts competition. We believe in healthy competition and our pupils learn good sportsmanship.

Children can earn house points for good work, good behaviour, or for being helpful and polite. As well as having an individual reward at the end of each term (certificates or badges at various levels) their house points total goes towards their House and a Merit Cup is awarded to the House with the most house points at the end of each term.

Through this system, genuine friendships are made across year groups and on four days per week children eat with their House, strengthening the bonds even more. The older pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 develop very good leadership skills and take responsibility for their younger friends.