Before and After school care

There are no additional charges for before and after school care. Pupils in Year 1 and above may arrive from 8.00 a.m. and will register with a member of the Pastoral team. The period up to registration is a time for shared reading when children pair up and read together. Pupils in Foundation may arrive from 8.15 am and will be cared for within the Pre-Prep Department. Enrichment activities such as riding, ballet, tap dancing, modern dance, speech and drama and trampolining continue after school. Pupils will be escorted to the Equestrian Centre if they have a riding lesson. Pupils not involved in these activities will enjoy leisure time outside or join in an activity organised by the Pastoral staff. The ICT Suite is available for pupils to use and a member of teaching staff supervises the session. After school care continues in the Boarding area until 5.00 pm for Foundation pupils and 5.30pm for pupils in Year 1 and above.

Any pupil in school at 4.30 have a ‘light tea’ which may be cheese and biscuits, toast or a toasted teacake or similar. Pupils remaining in school after 5.30 pm will be cared for by the Junior Boarding team. Pupils may also be booked into supper at 6.00 pm if parents have a long working day, there will be an additional charge for this.