Before children become pupils into the Prep School our pastoral care begins. We meet families on several occasions before children join us and we collect information to ensure that a child’s transition into school is smooth and stress-free!

We encourage potential pupils to come in to school for a ‘taster day’ before making the important decision of choosing a school. Pupils join their current year group and experience a normal day. Potential boarders can also have one or more overnight stays. New pupils are very well looked after and they quickly feel comfortable with finding their way around and knowing what to do.

Generally pupils join us at the beginning of a term but we recognise that sometimes family situations mean a move mid-term. This is acceptable and pupils are usually integrated quickly and happily. The systems in place help to provide children with a safe, supportive environment in which to grow and learn.

Our school Code of Conduct sets out clearly what is expected from each child. We recognise that sometimes mistakes are made and our caring ethos guides children through a process of understanding, making amends and, most importantly, giving support so that mistakes can be a learning experience.

A member of staff from the Prep School is also part of the whole school Pastoral Group, which ensures a smooth transition and, also, an attitude to pastoral care that is of a very high level. The Pastoral Group is also the Safeguarding Team and we take matters of safeguarding very seriously.