Our school day is quite unusual as we incorporate an ‘Enrichment’ time during the school day, as well as having activities on offer after school.

This breaks up a long school day very effectively and we enjoy many benefits from this timetable structure. Some of the charged activities also take place at this time so pupils may be found riding,  dancing (tap, ballet and modern), having tennis coaching, having Speech and Drama lessons, trampolining or playing a musical instrument.

In addition to this, members of staff offer a variety of options for pupils not involved in charged activities. They choose activities each term and a great variety is on offer. Some of these activities include craft club, art club, ICT skills, Press Pack, choir, ukulele, ensemble and a host of sporting activities including netball, football, swimming, trampolining and athletics.

Music plays a huge part in the life of the school. Many pupils play musical instruments and they have the opportunity to use their skills in activities such as Ensemble. Our ukulele group is extremely popular and is now in its sixth year of fun! Every pupil can join the choir, with the chance to perform in Chapel and contribute to musical productions throughout the year.

We also offer a Foundation Dance course for pupils who wish to dance every day without compromising on any of their academic studies. This can then lead into the Pre-Vocational Dance course offered from Year 7 in the Senior School.

In the Pre-Prep the youngest pupils from 3 to 7 also have a varied Enrichment Programme and with the development of a woodland area, pupils are also able to enjoy the school’s beautiful outdoor environment.

Older Prep School pupils are offered residential visits at different stages in their school life and all pupils are taken off-site on visits to enhance their learning.

Visitors are usually amazed at the extensive enrichment programme that is offered to pupils. We are a small and friendly school but this does not curb our enthusiasm to extend and develop our pupils’ experiences and enjoyment of school life.