The Abbots Bromley boarding community enjoys a welcoming, warm and nurturing family environment, a “home from home”.

Our Junior Boarders enjoy growing up as part of the extended family where members of staff know them well and they are cared for in a sociable and secure environment. Activities and outdoor play are encouraged over televisions and computer games and boarders learn the skills needed to live in a community. They develop strong friendships and independence within boundaries and are able to grow up as individuals, celebrating their differences within a diverse and multi-cultural environment in a community based on mutual respect – an excellent preparation for the modern and increasingly international adult world.

Junior Boarding for girls is available from the age of 8 years old and enables a smooth transition into the Senior school. Boarding has become a popular option for busy parents who wish their daughter to flexi board a few nights a week or to stay occasionally when they may need to spend nights away for business or other commitments. Some pupils opt to board on a weekly basis and we are always delighted to welcome young overseas boarders into our boarding community. In September 2017 we will be opening  junior boys’ boarding house for boys aged 8-12, in Year 3 to Year 7 as boys move from the Prep School into the Senior School.

Day pupils have the option of occasional boarding and the vast majority take up their allocation of two free nights per term, which is included in the fees.