The first years of a child’s education are vital in establishing a strong foundation for their future learning and understanding of the world around them. In the Prep School a team of highly-qualified, dedicated staff aim to make these years both productive and enjoyable.

Each individual pupil has the opportunity for an education which broadly follows National Curriculum guidelines, and extends far beyond, in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

Our aim is to encourage all pupils to reach their full potential in every area of endeavour. A particular emphasis is placed on academic achievement and every pupil is encouraged to strive for excellence and develop the confidence to realise their potential. All pupils have different skills, talents and outlook and we organise the curriculum within the classroom to reflect this.

Parents are kept well-informed about their child’s progress and regular reports can be downloaded from the on-line reporting system at Plus4Schools . Pupils are assessed regularly and also gain predicted National Curriculum targets from PIPS test, marked externally.