Inspection reports

Please find our Inspection report, at the bottom of this page, following the two day Independent Schools Inspectorate visit in April this year. You may or not may not be aware that the inspection process has changed (as these things always do) and we were subject to what is categorised as a ‘Compliance Inspection’. During the two days four inspectors look at 8 areas of the school which are clearly outlined in the attached document, they observe learning and teaching, meet students, visit boarding and the dining room and interview staff. The team also collected data from parental questionnaires and student questionnaires prior to the inspection. No formalised ‘quality’ judgements are made in the way the old inspections were, but the inspection is very rigorous indeed and many good schools recently have fallen down on at least one or two of the 8 categories.

I am delighted to report that the school was not only compliant in all 8 but we also received some of the best questionnaire responses that the team indicated we should feel ‘very proud of’, so my sincere thanks to those students and parents who completed the surveys. They are not to be found herein but I can give you some indication of the results below:

Parental Responses

Student Responses

All in all this was a first class set of parental and student responses and reflects the enormous amount of work that is being done in the school not only to challenge your children but also to make them feel valued and safe and cared for.   For those parents that have been with us for some time, you will notice the difference between this one and the one from three years ago. Abbots Bromley is a different school altogether. My special and sincere thanks to you parents and families for ‘staying with us’ over this period. We are on a journey to ‘outstanding’ and this superb inspection report reflects just that.   Whilst the inspection team stated they could not make ‘quality’ observations in the actual documentation, they commented separately and then when they fed back to leadership and governors on what an incredible school AB truly is, the journey we have made over recent years and the standard of education, behaviour, attitude, personal development and demeanour of our student body. They also commented on the immaculate grounds, the cleanliness of the buildings and the accommodation in boarding for our students. We felt very proud.

Mrs Victoria Musgrave

Abbots Bromley ISI Compliance Inspection Report April 2016

Academic excellence does not happen by chance. We are immensely proud of the BTEC Dance and Performing Arts courses that are offered under the direction of The Alkins School of Dance staff. These courses are rigorous in terms of preparation, performance and written work and the delivery of these is inspected annually.

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