• The Rt. Revd. The Bishop of Lichfield



• Chairman/Custos: Mrs Pauline Norvall, CertEd – Fellow

• Vice Chairman/Vice Custos: Mr Ray Mansell, Esq.

• Reverend Simon Davis

• Mr Richard Knight FRICS

• Mrs H Graham BA Hons

• Mrs Susan Goff BA (Hons) PGCE

• Mr Steven Bourne

• Mr Simon James LLB

• Mr Ian Mattey Whyte

• Ms Emily J Carroll

• Professor Richard K Luther

• Executive Head: Mrs Victoria Musgrave

• Clerk to the Council and Bursar: Mr Rick van Driel

• The Reverend Canon Brendan Clover


Profiles of the members of Council may be seen here

Members of School Council may be contacted through the school office.